Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

Benefit Roller Lash
Benefit Roller Lash

So I thought I’d kick off my first review with a NEW product! Wahoo! Benefit have introduced a new mascara, Roller Lash. They released it with Elle’s March edition in a cute sample size. Now this part is a sore subject for me. Skipping home one evening after purchasing my Elle copy (specifically for Roller Lash), I cannot wait to try this new mascara. I get home, open the packaging…to find it has been SQUISHED! Squished so much, it BURST! *cry*


This is my sample… Brilliant. Still, I was too excited to throw it away, so I persevered and sucked it up. So the full size version’s packaging is sooo cute! The top looks like it’s easy to grip, it’s simple, but PINK! The “Hook ‘n’ Roll” brush isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, but it does what Benefit says: “…grabs, separates, lifts and curls…” This is my before:


Check them brows out! (There will be a post on what I use, stick around!) Anyways, these are my lashes before I do anything to them. I must admit, I am blessed with the longest lashes in the world, so they are pretty droopy if I don’t do anything to them. Ok, so I’ll show you the after pic, and then give you my opinion:


So this is the after results, after one coat of Roller Lash. I’m gonna be honest, I LOVE IT. It definitely help keeps the curl throughout the day, I went to take an end of day pic, but they looked exactly the same, no exaggerations! When Benefit introduced Roller Lash, I was mortified. How could they release a new mascara when they have “They’re Real”? The best mascara in history!

I have now officially been converted. I know. Unreal. Roller Lash is just amazing. It keeps my curl throughout the day, which is a miracle for my droopy lashes. And the formula! I love it. I found with the They’re Real mascara the formula kind of just, well, melted. I’d find splodges of black on my under eyes half way through the day through transfer from my lower lashes. You don’t get that with Roller Lash, and I layer it on my lower lashes.

To finish off. I am in love. Like, seriously. Roller Lash is my new obsession. It’s on sale from 12/02/2015 and I’ve got my credit card at the ready. You should too!


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